My First Visual Dictionary

I managed to get my hands on a Star Wars Visual Dictionary (well two actually!) from music magpie at the bargain price of £2.49 each.

I love them!  I purchased a visual dictionary from the original trilogy, it was published in 1998 just before the Phantom Menace was released and The Force Awakens visual dictionary.

These books are lovely to pick up and flick to a couple of pages to read and enjoy the pictures, they would make great coffee table books.

The dictionaries have beautiful pictures and fascinating descriptions, facts about the characters, their weaponry and the planets.  The intricacies of the outfits and weaponry is brilliant.

I was blown away by the first page in the Force Awakens dictionary.  There is a picture of the galaxy, which plots where the planets are.  I remember looking for a poster back in the 1990s that showed a map of the galaxy but it wasn’t available then.  (these were pre internet days though, so it may have been available somewhere, but I had never come across it!)

The rest of the books from the prequels and sequels will definitely be on my Christmas list!

Learning More About the Universe

I have been a fan of the Star Wars films since I was a child. Now I am looking forward to exploring what other forms of media Star Wars has to offer.

My interest has been sparked by Star Wars Celebration. I am 40 next year and as a treat I have bought tickets for Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in 2020. I also plan to go to Galaxy edge. Coming from the UK, my bank account is already crying, but it will be so worth it!

I have been following groups on facebook and this has made me realise how much of Star Wars I am missing out on. I have started to listen to the Lattes With Leia podcast, which is brilliant. They have positive and passionate conversations about Star Wars and what it means to them and has signposted me to books, animated series and websites which I may find of interest.

This blog is going to follow my discoveries and talk about the things I have found. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!